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Whoa. Tales of Legendia is finished. Resident Evil Deadly Silence completed. Mid-Terms soon. Naruto fillers only 7 weeks left. Bleach fillers, don't mind their decent. Samurai Champloo is awesome. I miss the people I no longer have time for. It basically works out that if you dont work with me then you dont see me. But hey Meh. Im at Greentree mall meaning you know where to find me. Sgeezy I promise that sometime we shall chill at Pizza King with Mr. Spencer and put rotten bannans on the train for the cooks in the back. Tara Core Sorry again for the comment about your hair. Its awesome and you look mad animeish. Justin R. is still a little pussy and Allison is still my girl. Now that that's that, I leave you with this...

Zelda has been delayed until fall.
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