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Goodbye, Lay the blame on luck.

Update: Yes the last entry was my last. And this will probably be the last time I ever update my dear ole lj again. My last entry was some 4 months ago. The love that I thought I loved proved to be little more than a farce. The harsh reality bit in that it was no more than a prison of lies and deciet to keep me under wraps with who I am and who I want to be. Now that I have broken free from this prison I have known true happiness. Unlike any fairy tale ending or story could ever describe. Being alive and smelling the sweet smell of the midnight air as compared to a dusty dank cell in which one can never escape but somehow I managed it. I let it go. I forgot my fears for one moment and did what I needed to and I am a better person because of it. So in closing I say never hide how you truly feel. Let yourself go and you'll find that you too can be alot happier.

P.S. Only 6 months and 29 days until....

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