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Our travels were things of legend. Our battles the subject of song.

"if we throw this life away will we ever have to live again? say “no“ and i'm all yours say “yes“ and i'll still fucking pull tell the boys i'll see them soon your lips were the softest yet north, east, south, and west... i gave you my very best"

I never write in here anymore. Basically the only thing I really use this journal for is to post questions or responses in the _gamers community. So this is my last entry and im saying goodbye to livejournal. Over the 2 years I have had this thing it has caused lots of drama and lots of memories. Some of my favorite entries happen to be...

Baldur's Gate 2 Falls.
The suspension war of 03.
Who says our band never wrote songs?
The Tale of The Government Physical.
The Great Summoner Campaign.
The birth of tdrahneirecnar.
4 people state the obvious.
The Death of The Shadow =(.
The White Dragon Must Die.
Bj and Steven Dress up as Knights.
Allen's Hot Girlfriend.

Those are my favorite entries. This shall be my last. Those of you on my friends list I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts or my tales of gaming or whatever I felt the need to write.

To my friends,
Keep in touch.

Keep your dick in your pants.

We have many more gaming nights to come.

I love you forever and always.

I love verni
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