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Sing me Something soft sad and delicate. Or loud and out of key. Sing me anything.

I have not been this happy in such a long time.

What a great day today was. What a very amazing day.

I love Allen Stahl. He is like a brother to me. I never want to see him hurt.

I want to get to know Alex better he is awesome and cracks me up.

I really missed Verni. Im so happy were talking again.

The Straylight Run cd is really good. I am in love with it. Stephnie Jackson loves it too she is just putting up a front.

SMT: Nocturne tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks promising.

Im going to watch the earth. Its going to fall apart. Collapse. All around you. With my head. In my hands. I let my tears run. Because giving in was always easier than letting go. My ruin was losing you. SkyCameFalling.
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