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I wonder why everyone always talks all this mad shit about John Kerry. Sure I don't like the guy either but Jesus your president you have in office now is no better. Im sorry to those of you who do not feel this way but what can I say. I love when people say "Im a republican so I vote republican" or vice versa. Half the time people don't even take the time to research there politics before they begin to talk shit just because mainly they are a republican or a democrat. Well Everyone out there with the exception of a few are saying fuck Kerry because he is inconsistent. Well Bush is not Mr. Innocent in the matter. And Im sure the majority of you that read this are going to Vote Bush because your a republican. I know that Kerry is no better for one in the debate he said he'd get our troops out in 4 years. Bullshit. Not going to happen. But I decided to be a Bush Supporter for this small fraction of a time. Theres 4 reasons why you should vote Bush over Kerry. Great Opinions my friend explained them to me. I loved em. Grand reasons.

1. You should vote for Bush if you're filty rich and in cahoots with him. The tax breaks are great at the top.

2. You should vote for Bush if 9/11 scared the living shit out of you and you're gullible enough to believe that the war on terrorism is real and can be won.

3. You should vote for Bush if your sexist and/or racist. Particularly if you're a hateful homophobe and you want to help Bush use the United States constitution to limity rights for gays and lesbians.

4. You should vote for Bush if you're a "born again" christains with the blinders on and your stupid enough to believe that Bush and American actually have god on there side. If you believe that then your no better or smarter than the terrorists because that's what they believe.

My friend Matt read those somewhere forgot where he said but amazing reasons. Im rushing out and becoming a registered Republican right away. Vote Bush Everyone For this nations safety.

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